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Amazon Moving Into Medicals? "Home Health-Examination Market"

"Secret project group"

"Code name 'Picard' aims sales to 250 million by 2020"

A special secret project group at Amazon is considering developing a product that allows individuals to carry out health screenings at home, a CNBC source reported on Thursday. In this case, Amazon will expand its business to healthcare.

According to two other sources, Amazon also considered acquiring a diagnostic venture company called Confer Health. Confer Health has developed hardware that can measure home-acquired infections such as pregnancy and strep throat. This hardware is designed to make hospital-level diagnostics without a doctor.

The official said Connie would have been the right place for a medical diagnostic project that the Amazon Special Secret Projects group had been actively pursuing in the past summer. The project group is from Google and is headed by Baz Pawbys, who moved to Amazon in 2014, and he says he is very interested in home health-testing.

CNBC, however, had not confirmed whether Amazon decided to pursue the project, and said that the deal was broken when Amazon agreed to buy Philpac, an Internet pharmacy firm.

If health screening at home is feasible, then Amazon may have the ambition to remake the entire medical supply chain, CNBC reported. In this case, Amazon will compete with related companies such as Quest and LabCorp. If successful, it will be able to support people who go to hospitals to inspect simple things like the flu, and it will reduce the spread of infectious diseases. 

The project was led by Dr. Christine Helton, a biotechnology doctor. He has been closely studying the possibility of the biopsy by needle instead of blood. The code name for this project is 'Picard'. It appears to have been picked up by Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the TV drama 'Star Trek'. According to internal documents written by Dr. Helton, the company plans to make at least $ 250 million in sales by 2020, according to the project.

CNBC says experts say Amazon's many start-ups are in a unique position to succeed in the health care field, which is facing difficulties.

It seems that Alexa, an AI platform developed by Amazon, will be a big base. Earlier this year, Amazon filed a patent application for a technology that could diagnose people who use Alexa voice support services and provide drugs according to their voice status.



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