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Samsung's New Foldable Phone Unveils... Slim and Foldable

Samsung's first foldable smartphone was revealed on YouTube video, which seems to have been accidentally posted in Samsung Vietnam.

The US IT media BGR captured the image of a female model holding a folder button in the hands of Samsung Galaxy S10 · S10 + unpacked teaser video on March 1 (local time).

Samsung's Folding Folder reveals contours [Youtube]

When you look at the captured pictures, the folder bubble is thinner than originally expected.

BGR said that when the Samsung hinted at the Infiniti Flex display last November, the prototype of the folder bubble was contained in a bulky case, but the images were revealed as a thin notebook.

Folder The screen of the folder is visible on the inside when it is opened and it is a double display on one side folded outside.

The BGR says it will not call the folder "Galaxy F" or find a better name, but it seems that it is thinner than expected.

Samsung's BGR Device Unveiled

Samsung also posted a picture of a pregnant woman who watched fetal ultrasound images by attaching a device to the bottom of a smartphone in the same image. BGR is a portable ultrasonic device.



Galaxy S10 Unveils... Rival of iPhone X?

Unveiled Before Sanfrancisco Release Galaxy S10, Full Screen Except for Lens  Samsung Electronics (005930) leaked images of the Galaxy S10 and FolderBoard, which are scheduled to open in San Francisco, US on May 20 (local time).
On the 1st, Twitter user Lean Ben Gaskin, an expert on the leakage of mobile devices, released an official image of Galaxy S10 · S10 Plus in his account.

According to the 'Infinity O' display, which is filled with the front screen, only the upper camera hole is left. There is one camera on the front of the left Galaxy S10 and two cameras on the Galaxy S10 Plus. On the rear there are three cameras horizontally.
There are three colors of white, green and black. According to the German media Win Future, blue color will be added in the future, while the Galaxy S10's entry-level model will also offer yellow color.

The Galaxy S10 is a model to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy series, and will play a role in driving the first half of Samsun…

Amazon Moving Into Medicals? "Home Health-Examination Market"

"Secret project group" "Code name 'Picard' aims sales to 250 million by 2020"

A special secret project group at Amazon is considering developing a product that allows individuals to carry out health screenings at home, a CNBC source reported on Thursday. In this case, Amazon will expand its business to healthcare.
According to two other sources, Amazon also considered acquiring a diagnostic venture company called Confer Health. Confer Health has developed hardware that can measure home-acquired infections such as pregnancy and strep throat. This hardware is designed to make hospital-level diagnostics without a doctor.
The official said Connie would have been the right place for a medical diagnostic project that the Amazon Special Secret Projects group had been actively pursuing in the past summer. The project group is from Google and is headed by Baz Pawbys, who moved to Amazon in 2014, and he says he is very interested in home health-testing.
CNBC, howeve…

Google Plus+ Service to Shut Down Earlier – Security Breach

Personal information of Google Plus users has been exposed to third parties, including software developers, due to software bugs.
Google said it will shut down its consumer version of Google Plus service five months earlier than expected in April, IT news media The Burger and the Daily Washington Post said on Wednesday.
Google said in a blog post, "During the 6 days of November, we were exposed to personal information such as user name, email address, address, occupation, age, which means that third parties have access to the information. "

Although the Google Plus personal information leak did not immediately lead to information theft or misuse, the number of affected users is enormous, so it appears that the wavelengths are likely to be trivial.
Earlier, Google acknowledged in October that a software bug caused Google to disclose user information to Google Plus. At that time, the number of users was limited to 500,000.
The Washington Post predicted that Google's chief execu…